Laser Nail Treatment


A leap forward procedure in treating nail fungus infection. Laser nail fungus treatment procedure surpasses those of the more dangerous medications with an effective success rate around 80% in clinical studies showing “increase of clear nail in patients with Onychomycosis.”

You will be able to walk out of the office just as well as you walked in, you might even have a smile on your face. All nails are treated with the laser. The total treatment time is approximately 30 minutes. The procedure is performed three times six weeks apart. The treatment does not require anesthesia as the associated discomfort is mild. Following the treatment, the patient must provide good hygiene of the feet to experience a good long term result. Laser treatment results are best when the nails are trimmed regulary of diseased nail and topical antifungals are used for about 1 year. Results are usually seen about three months after the first laser treatment.

Currently the laser toenail fungus procedure is not included as a health insurance benefit in any plan that we know. Insurance plans will consider the laser toenail fungus treatment a cosmetic procedure and, therefore, does not provide coverage.

Dr. David Kaplansky is a Board Certified Podiatrist. He has been treating toenail fungus for years.

“This is the first treatment that works without having to take pills that can cause major side effects”

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