Custom Made Orthotics

One of our trained medical assistants will take a 3D scan of your feet, which takes about two minutes.  The physician will add your prescription to the design, and submit to ARIZE.  Your custom orthotics will be shipped to our office in about two weeks!  We will call you and have you come in for your fitting, and walk out with your new custom orthotics! 

Most insurance plans will pay for custom made orthotics. Our staff will check your insurance benefits after an evaluation with the physician.


Powerstep Insoles 

Protech Classic Plus Full Length


  • Polypropylene Support Shell
  • EVA Base, Royal Blue
  • Polyester fabric top cover with anti-microbial protection, Navy Blue
  • VCT® Foam Layer, Black 1/16”
  • Poron® Heel Pad, Blue


  • Strong, medical-grade foot support calibrated with flexibility
  • Ultra-thin design works in a wide range of shoe types
  • Thin, double layer, shock absorbing EVA/Foam cushion casing for enhanced comfort with slim profile
  • Friction reducing anti-microbial top fabric
  • Deep heel cradle and full Poron® heel pad to stabilize and cushion the heel against heel strike

INDICATIONS: Over-Pronation;PlantarFasciitis/HeelPain;Foot,ArchandHeelPain; Calluses; Hammertoes and Claw Toe; Bunions; Neuromas; Ankle and Knee Pain

IDEAL SHOE TYPE: Dress and Casual Shoes, Slip-On Dress Shoes, Low to Mid Heel Dress Shoes, Athletic Cleats



Formula 3

Formula 3 bottle and applicator

Formula 3 is a nail lacquer you apply to your toenails twice a day to eliminate fungus. It is guaranteed to work and is by far our top selling product. All of our patient’s that have tried this product have had MUCH success! It is also much safer than an oral antifungal medication.



Discover the organic healing power of this remarkable essential oil, Funga Soap. A unique body wash that cleans and protects the skin.

Studies reveal that FungaSoap can relieve irritations associated with many common skin and nail disorders. This clinically proven, patented was invented by a doctor for safe all-over body use.

Helps prevent and treat:

  • Athlete’s Foot
  • Foot Odor
  • Sweaty Feet
  • Dry Itchy Skin

This product is also 100% satisfactory guaranteed!




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