#200 Bunions...Gone

Dr. David Kaplansky has developed a niche practice in Columbus, Ohio attracting patients looking for the state of the art corrective foot surgery.

In 2017, Dr. Kaplansky was the first surgeon in Ohio to perform a Lapiplasty 3D bunion correction. 

After graduating from a 3 year surgical residency in 2005, he was trained to address the bunion deformity with several different techniques, but became an early adopter of the Lapiplasty technique after 15 years of private practice.

Why?  The Lapiplasty system ensures reproducible outcomes, decrease complication rates and allows most patients to walk in a boot in 1 week. 

How? Specialized tools that assit a well thought out step-by step technique, low profile/sturdy fixation to allow the early weight bearing, and excellent resources to improve outcomes for patients.

Quietly, Dr. Kaplansky has become the go-to-surgeon for corrective bunion correction in Columbus, Ohio.  His staff and other surgeons are the most experienced in this technique in Ohio.  As a result, patients have traveled far and wide for consultation.  

As a result of the increased flow of patients, Kaplansky Foot and Ankle has been exposed to the most complex foot and ankle deformities imaginable and we have grown to take on the challenges. 


Dr. David Kaplansky Podiatrist

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