Medical Device Representatives

Treace Medical Lapiplasty Reps, Monique and Hai with Dr. Kaplansky Kaplansky

Why are there so many people in the operating room?  It really might surprise you how many different experts it takes to have your surgery go as smoothly as it does.  This is one of the main reasons almost all surgeries, big or small, are done in a hospital or surgery center.  

Most of my patients are already familiar with the important jobs of the surgeon, anaesthesiologist, scrub technitians, and circulating nurses.  However, I would like to highlight my gratitude for the support that I have from an expert medical device representative.

When not assisting a surgeon in the operating room, they are typically making their rounds to surgeons who use or might consider using their line of devices such as screws, implants, biologics, etc. A good rep knows his product very well and has gone through extensive hand-on training.  They are often also well versed in medical coding as it relates to their products.

Reps have unique experience and insight as they literally watch and participate in procedures sometimes dozens of times a week with a variety of surgeons. They often end up bailing surgeons out of tricky situations—e.g., a vital device component drops to the floor and can’t be re-sterilized or they make a cut but then can’t proceed in the normal fashion— thus saving the day. They function much like a coach using their sideline perspective, helping to ensure an all-around good game-plan in the OR.

Pictured are Monique and Hai, from Treace Medical. We took this photo to aknowledge our history of 3 years of performing Lapiplasty 3d Bunion correction together!




Dr. David Kaplansky Podiatrist

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